Peekapak Complete School Set
Peekapak Complete School Set
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Peekapak Complete School Set

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Engage your students in the world of learning from Peekapak as the Peekapak Pals learn skills like self-regulation and empathy. The Peekapak Complete School Book Set includes a total of 250 guided reading books that are: 
  • Engaging leveled readers that integrate with literacy, reading, writing, and health outcomes
  • Exploring 10 social and emotional learning themes at four reading levels (levels E-F, G-H, I-J, K-L), making the series a flexible and accessible part of any elementary learning environment.
  • Fully illustrated, with emphasis placed on each character’s emotion. Children will enjoy pointing to, and naming, the feelings shown vividly through each character’s facial expression and body language.
  • Featuring a diverse set of characters based on a variety of backgrounds and interests.

This kit provides access to each of Peekapak's 10 SEL theme sets (which includes 25 books - 4 levels of text x 6-packs of the little books + 1 big book):  

  • Self-Regulation Theme Set: Classroom Chaos (25 books)
  • Respect Theme Set: Berryball Champ  (25 books)
  • Kindness Theme Set: Seasons of Kindness  (25 books)
  • Honesty Theme Set: Trouble with the Truth  (25 books)
  • Teamwork Theme Set: Robot Challenge  (25 books)
  • Empathy Theme Set: New Student  (25 books)
  • Gratitude Theme Set: Tree of Gratitude  (25 books)
  • Perseverance Theme Set: Sounds of Music  (25 books)
  • Courage Theme Set: Splash of Courage  (25 books)
  • Optimism Theme Set: Mysterious Box  (25 books)
  • Guided Lesson plan for each book  (10 Teaching Resources)
  • Carrying Case for each theme set
  • Shipping Included (US only)

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